Hansbo – Sweat & Travel Rug


Hansbo Sweat & Travel Rug made of infused ceramic/magnetic material.



Hansbo Sweat & Travel Rug made of ceramic/magnetic material that is fused into every fibre.  This is effective to reflect body heat to stimulate blood circulation, which can have a healing effect on sore muscles.  Has nylon lining at the shoulders and fleece lining at the withers to prevent chafing, two front quick release buckles , and high shoulder gussets for a great fit.

The ceramic/magnetic substance is infused into each fibre , working by reflecting the body’s own infrared heat to increase blood circulation.  This not only has a healing effect but can also prevent injuries and aid in rehabilitation. The infused magnetic therapy increases oxygenation to the horse’s muscles, causing relaxation.  Great for use before or after training to ensure the horses’s muscles are slack and relaxed.

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Horse Blankets and Pads

78 Inches, 81 Inches


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